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Out Of Print Books can be hard to find books, and our stock is finite here at Online Rare Books. We do know where to source old and rare books from though, and can usually track one down for you. If you want to make the effort yourself, it is a good idea to add the book title or subject into the Search Books box just below here to the right, then click the Go button.

We have researched some other web users’ ideas you may want to try…

Out Of Print Books

A book that is out of print is not necessarily a rare or valuable book. The factors that determine its value are the total number of books printed, the surviving copies and the cultural importance of the book as well as the demand for the book An out of print book may also result from a publisher’s intentional limitation in print run size.. If the print run for the book is only 2,000, the book will likely prove to be quite valuable and rare assuming that there is sufficient demand for those 2,000 copies. Current fiction bestsellers that have been abundantly printed in millions of copies will not command a high price. The general economic principle of demand and supply is the ultimate deciding factor for how much an out of print book is worth. [Read more]

Online Book Stores Offer Easy Shopping

Making a selection is very easy and many times you may be able to locate a rare book that you have been searching many years for.

As an online purchaser you can also compare prices on similar books and make an informed decision about the purchase. Moreover, you can shop at any time of the day or night that suits your convenience, even in the middle of the night — unlike a regular high-street shop where you are bound by specific business days and hours. [Read more]

Where can i buy out-of-print/second hand books in italian from italian booksellers similar to amazon?

Hello, I usually buy my Italian language books from http://www.unilibro.it I see that they have at least one of the titles, another choice is http://www.ibs.it [Source]

Where can you buy books that are out of print?

1. in india u can easily find them at a cheap rate on the footpath book sellers.. they will b ready to sell them at throw away prices

2. Try http://www.titletrader.com. It’s a free book trading community that has a lot of out-of-print books available.

If you find any there, they won’t even cost you if you swap some of your unwanted books. [Source]

Library Book Sale And A COOL Thermos

http://adventuresontheriver.com/ – Check out my website for more GREAT tips about selling on the Amazon marketplace!!! A great place to pick up some cheap in…

(Check out the cool Friends of the Library tip just after the 5 minute mark)

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