Hunterian Museum – Catalogue of Physiological Specimens


Hunterian Museum - Catalogue of Physiological SpecimensHunterian Museum - Cuckoo Ovary

Descriptive Catalogue of the Physiological Series in the Hunterian Museum

of The Royal College of Surgeons of England, in 2 Volumes

In 1963 the new Hunterian Museum was opened, and a new printed catalogue of specimens was embarked upon.  The only previous complete printed catalogue was prepared by Richard Owen in five volumes, produced between 1832 and 1840.

The First Volume of the new catalogue consists of descriptions of the original surviving Hunterian specimens which were described in the first four of Richard Owen’s volumes (i – Organs of Motion and Digestion; ii – Absorbent, Circulating, Respiratory and Urinary Systems; iii – Nervous System and Organs of Sense, Connective and Tegumentary Systems; iv – Organs of Generation).

The main part of the Second Volume consists of descriptions of specimens demonstrating the Products of Generation, and is based on the contents of Volume V of the Richard Owen catalogue.

This is a 2-volume set, pp xv, 292 + 21 plates; xiv, 259 + 20 plates.

Hunterian Museum - Seagull Stomach

Good overall condition (contents very clean; spine of vol. 1 is heavily rubbed, small loss to bottom front edge; some marks to cloth, otherwise very smart).

Published by E. & S. Livingstone, 1970.

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Hunterian Museum - Cuvier's OrgansHunterian Museum - Boltenia reniformis from Captain Cook voyage      Hunterian Museum - 2 volumes   Hunterian Museum - Cuckoo OvaryHunterian Museum - Seagull Stomach

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