Nov 302010

Have you found any books lying around lately? On a park bench, perhaps? Or on a train? In a cafe or in a pub? Chances are that they are ‘random’ leavings, left behind on purpose in the wake of the new phenomenon ‘book leaving’.  The concept is the simplest form of recycling much favoured by Online Rare Books.

My daughter brought in a book last week that she found on top of one of those BT junction boxes full of wiring at the end of our road. I thought at first that the BT engineer had been reading on the job and left it behind by mistake – then I looked inside and saw the slip of paper –

“I have lost this book on purpose. If you have found it, please read it, then lose it again! Put it down on a park bench, leave it on a train or a bus, lose it in your school, in your favourite pub, or in the nearest telephone-box. Any place will do, where somebody is likely to find it.
If you get the hang of it, feel free to join in by losing one of your own books after placing this text in it. Tell your friends about it!

” ‘Lose a book!’ is a good opportunity to recommend your favourite books to others, and a good occasion to talk about books.  If you have found a book that you don’t intend to read, we ask you not to break the chain of the game: lose the book somewhere else again”.

To monitor the path of the lost books you can enter on a website which book you have found, where and when, the ‘loser’ can identify it, and you can then give the time and place of losing it again.

We will be trialling this soon at Online Rare Books as we think it’s a great idea and gives a new lease of life to books which may otherwise end up being pulped or chucked in a skip!

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