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Hard to believe for anyone who can remember December 8th 1980, but the posthumous career of John Lennon is now much longer than his entire recording life. In the last thirty years his estate has earned far more than during that tragically short 18-year recording career ($44 million this year alone, before the recent iTunes deal).

A less remembered part of his life was his literary career, which would probably have flourished with the maturity of middle age.

If you are lucky enough to own, or to find, a copy of In His Own Write (1964) or A Spaniard in the Works (1965) you would be well advised to hold onto them, as even today an excellent example of a true first edition could well be valued into three figures, and that will only appreciate. Unfortunately truly excellent examples are quite hard to find, as they are prone to a weak binding – but it is always worth keeping an eye out for one.  Online Rare Books can track down a suitable copy if you have the desire to add one to your collection.

Although it goes without saying that a book’s true value is held within its pages, it is always worth remembering that many books will rise in value with age, purely by virtue of ever increasing scarcity – but condition is key, so look after them and they will reward you one day.

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Online Rare Books, December 2010

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