OK, this may seem a contradiction. Why does a site professing to be about rare books have a page relating to kindle? Not forgetting the other e-readers out there.

Can an ebook be a rare book? The answer may be yes, but we can leave that for another time.

But, let’s face it, most of us simply want a quick read or the latest blockbuster book to read from time to time. Not every book merits collecting, or has a great touch and feel to it – and that is where kindle excels. For the latest books, some quick reference books and perhaps some old literature which may never be termed ‘classic’, for example.

So if you haven’t yet yet experienced the portability and convenience of an e-reader (kindle, kobo or nook, for example) then you may want to consider having one for your every day reading.

Despite being surrounded by a warren of highly readable and collectible books, I do confess to owning an e-reader, and since using it for the first time I have never looked back. It is a magical device for what it sets out to do. In my humble opinion it will not replace the real thing, but it certainly has many merits.

With that in mind, why pay more than you have to? Here are some good deals, some even free, that you may want to consider:

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