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How many of us have old books, ‘family heirlooms’ which we would love to know the value of? Or we spot a book in a shop, or online, and want to know whether or not it is worth buying. Old books from earlier than the 1970s don’t have bar codes or ISBNs after all, so they aren’t that easy to run a price check.

Here are some tips for valuing books which we have gathered together from independent sources around the world.

How To Determine The Proper Antique Books Prices

There are actual three factors that determine price condition, scarcity, and demand. Age really doesn’t have a lot to do with an antique books price. A first edition book published in the 1900’s may in fact demand a lot more money than an ordinary book a few centuries old. Book dealers don’t really see a book from the 1800’s as old.

Another factor is an old Sears catalog can be very attractive. Many of the old books that are out there just aren’t that attractive and one of the things people are looking for is books that look good on their shelves. Therefore an attractive book is more sellable and often demands a greater price then one that isn’t.

One of the main factors that affects the value of a book is its condition. A book having its original jacket is included in its condition. Sometimes, the jacket is even valued more than the book itself. You should also realize that books with some of the pages missing are most often worthless no matter what.

A books price mostly is a reflection of how much in demand it is, its attractiveness, its significance and its rarity. So what ultimately sets an antique book value, rarity or demand? Sometimes that depends on how patient the vendor is.

Because book prices are in constant flux there is no universal price list. As a result each seller ends up determining the price they want to get for their books. You also might like to know that the selling price for Antique books is often negotiable, therefore it never hurts to offer a lower price; you may be surprised at the response! [Read more]

Antique Books Value – How To Determine The Actual Value?

Let us start with how to distinguish between old and antique ones. You must be very particular regarding spending money for the worthy one and not something fake. Inherited possessions always have their own sentimental value which cannot be compared with any particular sum of money. You may personally consider them to be of great value but others may deter from paying extravagantly for it. You will come across an array of old books, published in the early twentieth century or even before, but hardly has any good market value.

However, there are many books as well as paperbacks that arrived in market in the late 60s and 70s are priced at a couple hundred bucks. So, you can understand well that an old book is nothing more than one published several decades or may be a century ago and antique books are those which people would like to spend their money for. With time, you must grow the capability to distinguish between the two.

While you are determining the value of any antique book, you must take into consideration its condition and how rare it is. Even its popularity and that of its author’s play a huge role in deciding the worth of the book. It also depends on how many copies of the book is actually accessible presently. Maximum of the collectible books with great vintage value are first editions by highly acclaimed authors. Do not forget to inspect the condition of the vintage book that you are thinking to buy. Some of the considerable factors are as follows: [Read more]

Are old books worth anything? I’ve come across some old books, Published in 1900, 1922, 1912, there’s one other that I can’t find a date on.
The Place of Honeymoons, The Victim and The wasted Generation, and a book of Arithmetic with answers.
Are these worth anything? Where could I take them to figure out?

1. A book usually needs to be more than just old to be worth anything. It needs to be a first run publication, have an uncorrected error, be signed by the author assuming the author is famous now, be an extremely limited print, etc. You could always try posting them on eBay and see what you get, but I wouldn’t expect much. If you have a locally owned bookstore in your area, you could ask there.

2. i find it interesting, because sometimes old books makes more sense than books published just recently. it may lack some technical aspect due to the age of the book, but non the less it was still used long before the evolution of such book and more importantly you may be able to trace the connection it has to the present evolution of the subject matter of the book.

3. Do an online search of used/antiquarian books and see what the going price is for them. Try A.B.E Books and any other similar site. [Source]

How much are old books worth? I have the original John Wanamaker Diary from 1933. Also I have a book that is about 135 years old. I have many books that I think are worth money, but don’t know where to take them to find out.

1. I sell books on EBay. If you search EBay “Completed Listings” that is good information, because it identifies the actual sale price.

2. There are many factors affecting the value of a book. Some of the basic ones are: does it still have its dustjacket? (most hardcover books published after 1920 or so should have one), a book lacking a dustjacket is likely to be worth less than 25% of a book with its jacket; is it a first edition (more important for fiction than nonfiction); is it an ex-library book (likely to have little or no value). Age really doesn’t play into it, there are many 20th century books worth $ and many 19th century books worth squat. [Source]

Where to go to get old books assessed for worth? I have a whole collection of Charles Dickens with no publishing date on any of the volumes that I can find. I have others (Plato, Wuthering Heights) from the 1940s that are in good condition. Is there somewhere I can just get some kind of range of their worth online? I looked up rare/antique books up in my area and there was nothing available.

1. Don’t bother with the books from the 1940s. That’s not old enough to have special value unless they’re collectible for some reason other than their age. They’re going to be worth $3 – $10 each, at most, and very probably less. Sadly, old books which seem valuable are often better to hold onto than the small amount you could sell them for.

2. Nothing you describe is a rare or antique book. Dickens is very valuable if it’s a first edition and basically worth very little otherwise (unless it’s inscribed by the author but I’m guessing you would have mentioned if that were the case.). Reprints of classics from the 1940s are usually worth very little as well. [Source]

How Much Is My Book Worth?

What factors make a book valuable? How can a book — an object found in most households – become something of tremendous financial value?

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