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Take this ticket to romantic places …where there’s moonlight, and music …and love, and romance. Which are your favorite romantic reads? Which romantic novels do other readers recommend? Read on to find out what others think about romance and the novel…

All Time Best Romance Novels That You Must Read

Are you a diehard romantic who views the world through rose-tinted glasses? Then there is no better way for you to explore the world of passion and love than with written words – romance novels. Chivalry is hard to find with men today. Lost is the world where gallant men in shining armour used to be ever so ready to rescue a damsel in distress. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why women try to find their “prince charming” in the pages of historical romance. Nevertheless, it stands for some dispute why Mills and Boons are top sellers in the world of publishing. Compiled in this article are top best selling romantic books of all times that you must read. [Read more]

How To Find Classical Romance Novels?

Classical romance novels are the ones which have stood the test of times and still are raved world over for their enchanting story telling and romance filled sequences. It is really difficult to choose some of the best from a treasure of such classics. But some of the novels have been so inspiring that they were included in the syllabus of literature or made into films. Let’s take two of the most famous and wonderful romance novels which are considered as classics. One is ‘Gone with the wind’ by Margaret Mitchell and the other is ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by the celebrated author Jane Austen. [Read more]

I have suddenly got a liking to scary, mystery books that keep you on edge. (Especially with romance.)
But I’ve run into a problem: I’ve found that it is really hard to find one that isn’t insanely dirty. I’m only 14, I can’t read stuff like that.
I need suggestions. I want a book that has romance, mystery, hard to predict, and CLEAN!
No dirty bedroom scenes
No creepy non-stop talk about sex
No cursing.
And no crazy intense violence.

1. The Face On The Milk Carton series by Caroline B. Cooney
Down A Dark Hall by Lois Duncan
Shadowmaker by Joan Lowery Nixon
When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

2. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Not scary, but it has mystery and romance. [Source]

Ok so i love romance novels. I am with-out doubt a helpless romantic, but it’s really hard to find romance novels that don’t go into really graphic detail about the sex. I don’t care if it implies that they have sex or if it talks about them wanting to have sex. The only thing i don’t want is an in depth detail of the actual sex having. Any suggestions?

1. You might try reading some period romance novels perhaps? For example Georgette Heyer wrote a great many romantic novels, mostly set in the Regency period, which do not have any sex scenes, because it was not normal for well-bred young women to have sex before marriage in those days. Her novels are very entertaining and have attractive characters. Some of my favourites include The Talisman Ring, the Reluctant Widow, the Grand Sophy, the Corinthian, Faro’s Daughter, Arabella, and The Unknown Ajax.
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A modern romance writer who does not normally go into a great deal of detail about sex is Meg Cabot. Her novel The Boy Next Door does not have any sex scenes in it (the hero and heroine do have sex towards the end of the book, but there are no details). The book is told entirely in emails between the various characters, and is very amusing. Every Boy’s Got One which is told in emails, text messages and diary entries, does not contain any sex scenes either.

2. Like you I feel that a lot of good books manage to keep my attention without going into lurid details of the bedroom shenanigans. Too much information can be very off putting. I once asked a writer how she managed to write about sex and did she feel comfortable about it.

She told me that every time she sent drafts of her book it was sent back as the sex scenes were not “Hot” enough. I hope this is not the practise of all publishers. The times we are living in seem to be dictating what sells.

3. 1-Romeo and Juliet
2-Russia House
3-Griffin and Phoenix
4-Griffin and Sabine Trilogy
5-Devil in the White City
7-The Third Angel (Alice Hoffman)
8-Like Water for Chocolate
9-Ines of my soulIsabel Allende
10-Imagining Argentina
11-BarefootElin Hilderbrant
12-Sisters of the Traveling Pants
13-Haggah ConnectionSusan Perry
14-A Walk to Remember
15-Message in a Bottle
16–The Fountain
17–Message from Susan
18–Twilight series

4. LJ Smith’s NightWorld series

See You Thursday by Jean Ure

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden (there are big innuendos though!)

The Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody (the romance element is kind of a subplot, but it’s very good all the same)

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

5. Francine Rivers writes historical Christian romance novels that I absolutely love. She writes tastefully about sex, but doesn’t go into detail. She still writes about the romance spectacularly, though. In particular, I recommend The Mark of The Lion series (three amazing books) and Redeeming Love.

6. read all the books to the Gemma Doyle series. It doesn’t have graphic sex details yet it has great romance. A Great and Terrible Beauty is the first book. Its by Libba Bray.These books are fantasy/mystery/romance/historical fiction.

7. Well, The Last Prince of Ireland is really good. It is not really a romance novel, but it has a few sweet love stories in it that don’t go into too much physical detail.

Oh, and The Last Unicorn is a really good one if you like fantasy. There’s another good book called A Fine and Private Place, which is kinda different because it’s about two ghosts who fall in love.

8. Check out a Christian book-store. There are some good romance authors that aren’t overly religious. I think one is Grace Livingston Hill, I believe. [Source]

If you have any more similar titles to recommend why not continue the discussion in the Comments section at the bottom?
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If Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates; Romance Novels Can Be Too

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