What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? The Cult Book


What Ever Happened To Baby Jane

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

by Henry Farrell

The cult book upon which the renowned Bette Davis – Joan Crawford film was based.
Re-enacting their memories, the once-great film actress and her sister – ex-child prodigy of vaudeville – live together in a ramshackle Hollywood mansion. Blanche, one-time idol of millions but now hopelessly crippled, and Baby Jane with their faded press cuttings, dancing, posturing and singing her baby songs before a decrepit grand piano. Then suddenly, Blanche finds a new fame, reawakening an almost forgotten jealousy of Baby Jane Hudson. It all explodes in an agony of fear for Blanche – fine sand sprinkled on a meal, a dead bird served with ceremony…and the hopeless feeling of an unimaginable terror still to come.
Paperback, pp160.
In Good condition (some creasing and rubbing, grazed on back cover, contents tight and clean).
Published by Four Square, 1965

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