Eegriogge – Norman George Vizard


Vizard - Eegriogge


by Norman George Vizard

Few books have been published which are stranger or more original than this, the diary of Eegriogge (Eeg Ree Ogg)  Nerfdil.

‘we had this lessan on this litorery culcher wunse and this bulge eye lady teacher said for us to copy of this very speshall poem…..and it said under this poem that it was wrote by this inglishman called circa 1913 and I said to this kid who was good of swaring that I dident no that poeple cuold have numbors of a name…’

Brilliant. Also several short pieces, such as Billiumb, who did not know it but was a freak with two brains; Wauwfroowln; and several poems (Odd Flea; Her Destructive Room; The Shriek!!!, and more). Amended edition. Paperback. Scarce.


NGV, 1996. ISBN 0952806606

Unfortunately this copy of an increasingly scarce book is no longer available. Please contact us here and we will endeavour to source another copy for you.

Have you read this book? We would welcome your comments below.

Vizard - Eegriogge

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