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Woman in the Dunes - Kobo Abe Kobo Abe – The Woman in the Dunes

French Thriller Des Immortelles Pour Mademoiselle Ange Bastiani – Des Immortelles pour Mademoiselle

1985 First Edition - Anthony Burgess Anthony Burgess – 1985

Jurgen - A Novel of Sexual Symbolism James Branch Cabell – Jurgen

Inspector Morse - La vie poetique Jean Decottignies – La vie poétique de l’inspecteur Morse

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The Cause of the Screaming - Scarce Crime Fiction David Elias – The Cause of All the Screaming (Nell Bartlett, female private eye)

Dick Francis First Edition - Twice Shy Dick Francis – Dick Francis – Twice Shy (First Edition)

Rare Books for Sale- A Turn of the Wheel Maltese Fiction Oliver Friggieri – A Turn of the Wheel

Red Strangers - Elspeth Huxley Elspeth Huxley – Red Strangers

House of Dolls - Joy Division Concentration Camp Ka-tzetnik 135633 – House of Dolls

The Unfortunate Traveller The Life of Jacke Wilton - Michael Ayrton Illustrations with text Thomas Nashe – The Unfortunate Traveller (The Life of Jacke Wilton)

The God of Small Things First Edition Arundhati Roy – The God of Small Things (First Edition)

The Red Serge - Stories of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Harwood Steele – The Red Serge (Stories of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

Dylan Thomas - Early Prose Writings Dylan Thomas – Early Prose Writings

Vizard - Eegriogge Norman George Vizard – Eegriogge

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