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Here is an Online Rare Books guide to Rugby Union Books

The current Rugby World Cup is arousing new interest in the old game. and it won’t surprise you to know that books on Rugby Union have been around nearly as long as the game itself. Here is a selection of titles to look out for:

  • Football – The Rugby Union Game, edited by Francis Marshall; published by Cassell, 1892 and later.
  • Football – The Rugby Union Game (yes, the same title, but a different book), by Marriott; published by Routledge, 1903.
  • The Complete Rugby Footballer, by Gallagher & Stead; published by Methuen, 1906.
  • The Springboks: History of the Tour 1906-07, by Piggot; published by Cricket Press (yes, that’s right), 1907.
  • The Modern Rugby Game, and How To Play It, by Nicholls; published by Health and Strength, 1906.
  • With the British Team to Maoriland, by Barr; published by Otago Daily Times, 1908.
  • The Rugby Football Internationals Rolls of Honour, by Sewell; published by Jack, 1919.
  • Rugby Football, by Gent; published by British Sports Library, 1922.
  • The Story of Scottish Rugby, by Phillips; published by Foulis, 1925.
  • Rugby Reminiscences, by Harding; published by Pilot Press, 1929.
  • With the British Team in New Zealand, by Alley; published by Simpson & Williams, 1930.
  • The History of South African Rugby Football, by Difford; published by Specialty Press, 1933.
  • History of New Zealand Rugby Football, by Swan; published by Reed, 1948.
  • History of the Rugby Football Union, by Owen; published by Playfair, 1955.
  • Rugger – My Life, by B. Williams; published by Stanley Paul, 1956.
  • The Great Fight of the French XV, by Lalanne; published by Read, 1960.
  • The Rise of French Rugby, by Potter and Duthen; published by  Bailey & Swinfen, 1961.
  • Willie Away, by McLean; published by Jenkins, 1964.
  • Centenary History of the Rugby Football Union, by Titley & McWhirter, 1970.
  • History of Welsh International Rugby, by Billot; published by Ron Jones, 1970.
  • The Men in Green, by Diffley; published by Pelham, 1973.
  • 100 Years of Irish Rugby, by Esbeck; published by Gill & Macmillan, 1974.
  • The World of Rugby, by Reason and James; published by BBC, 1979.
  • Fields of Praise, by Smith and Williams; published by University of Wales, 1980.
  • The History of Scottish Rugby, by Thorburn; published by Johnston and Bacon, 1980.
  • 100 Years of All Black Rugby, by Chester and McMillan; published by Blandford, 1984.
  • Australian Rugby Union, by Pollard; published by A.B.C., 1984.
  • 1905 and all that, by Gareth Williams; published by Gomer, 1991.
  • Official Book of the Rugby World Cup, edited by Robertson; published by Stanley Paul, 1991.
  • Forerunners of the All Blacks, by Ryan; published by Canterbury University, 1993.

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