Michael Bentine – Open Your Mind, The Quest for Creative Thinking


Open Your Mind For Creative Thinking - Michael Bentine

Michael Bentine

Open Your Mind
The Quest for Creative Thinking

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The founder member of The Goons maintains that his consistent creativity is due largely to his ability to open the doors of the mind rather than to any inherent ‘talent’.

In this book he sets out to describe the techniques that anyone can use to develop original thought, free from the ‘blocks’ of envy and hatred, and the dangers of negative thinking. The realms of creative thought and the possibilities it offers for the development of abilities and the enrichment of everyday experience are, literally, boundless.

In Michael Bentine’s words, ‘I believe that we are entering a New Age, in which the open-minded will inherit the earth.’ Paperback, 1st thus, pp255.

Corgi, 1991

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