Help, My Dog Won’t Stop Barking


Stop Dog Barking
Stop Your Dog Barking!

“Dogs in a state of nature never bark. The explosive noise of the bark is only found amongst those that are domesticated.” (Dampier)

Do you need help with your barking dog?

Does your dog sound like Youatt’s mastiff, whose ‘deep-toned bark is often heard during the night’?
Does your dog have ‘a deep bark that reverberates from rock to rock’?
More importantly, is your neighborhood council planning to issue a citation if your dog barks for more than 10 minutes and your neighbor complains?
Do you have friendly relations with your neighbors? Or is this complaint all too common? “We have six neighbors, with thirteen continually barking dogs surrounding our property.”
Are you one of them?

This book is in VG (slightly used) condition.

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