I Walked By Night – Life of the King of the Norfolk Poachers


I Walked By Night - Life of the King of the Norfolk Poachers

I Walked By Night
being the Life & History of the King of the Norfolk Poachers

edited by Lilias Rider Haggard

A scarce book, The Life & History of the King of the Norfolk Poachers, written by ‘Himself’, his penny exercise books of memoirs edited by Lilias Rider Haggard. The flavour of the book is given by the chapter headings:

Them as went before me; Grandmother’s Charms; School Days; Prison; The Best Pal I ever had; Marriage; ‘The Game’; Six Years in Manchester; The Return Home; Labour; Village Affairs; Keepering; The Way of Bird and Beast; Going Back to the Game; The Secrets of Poaching; Bungay; Waiting for the Last Roll Call.

This delightful memoir also includes many ballads, songs and rhymes, such as The Smuggler’s Boy, Infallible Signs of Rainy Weather, The Fakenham Ghost, and The Female Cabin Boy.

Paperback, 1st in this edition, pp xiv, 184 with illustrations throughout the text by Edward Seago.

VG (covers lightly creased).

Oxford University Press, 1982. ISBN 0192813110

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