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These books are (probably) not rare, although we all make mistakes! So you may find a real gem here.

See what you can find. Prices are exclusive of shipping costs, which will vary according to your location. You will be advised of this before checkout, so have no fear that you will be paying more than you think. Simply add a title to your shopping basket and if the total price including delivery is higher than you expect then simply remove it from the basket and continue shopping.

All prices are in pounds sterling, but this will automatically be converted into your own currency upon payment. You do not need to have a dollar bank account or credit card!

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£2 Books (OR LESS)

Black African Literature in English Since 1952: Works and Criticism
Barbara Abrash

Is There Life After Housework?
Don Aslett

Let’s Talk About Children
Elizabeth Bradford

The Complete Guide to Food Allergy and Intolerance
Dr. Jonathan Brostoff & Linda Gamlin

The Promise of Happiness
Justin Cartwright

The Songlines
Bruce Chatwin

Entertaining the Under Fives
Prue Corp

Medieval Panorama
G.G. Coulton

Case of the Silent Stranger
Jonathan Craig

A Zoo in Your Home
Arnold Darlington

Miss Harriet and Other Stories
Guy De Maupassant

Morse’s Greatest Mystery and other stories
Colin Dexter

How to Hold a Crocodile
Diagram Group

I Know What You Did Last Summer
Lois Duncan

The Mill on the Floss
George Eliot

Adam Bede
George Eliot

Daniel Deronda
George Eliot

Little Caesar – the screenplay
Francis Edwards Faragoh (based upon the book by W.R. Burnett)

The Solar Planets
V.A. Firsoff

Women with Men
Richard Ford

The Longest Journey
E.M. Forster

My Brilliant Career Film tie-in
Miles Franklin

Hallo Mister Gott Hier spricht Anna

The Man of Property (The Forsyte Saga)
John Galsworthy

James Bond: Licence Renewed
John Gardner

Wives and Daughters
Elizabeth Gaskell

Who Dares Wins
Tony Geraghty

The Beagle
Thelma Gray

Searching for Everardo
Jennifer Harbury

The Point of Parliament
A.P. Herbert

The Woman & the Ape
Peter Hoeg

Children’s Writing
David Holbrook

Tom Brown’s Schooldays
Thomas Hughes

Robin Knox-Johnston

The Dream of Peter Mann
Bernard Kops

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved
Lawrence David Kusche

Understanding Statistics
Martin Leonard

The BBC Diet
Dr. Barry Lynch

Force 10 From Navarone
Alistair MacLean

A Study in the Problem of Race
Basil Mathews

Miss Harriet and Other Stories
Guy De Maupassant

The Golden Barge
Michael Moorcock

How to Make Love to the Same Person for the Rest of Your Life (and still love it)
Dagmar O’Connor

Almost a Gentleman
John Osborne

Michael Palin

Pass the Port

Star Trek Federation
Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

The Storm Bringer – York Fiction
Paul Sayer

Victory Through Air Power
Major Alexander Seversky

Inside Star Trek – The Real Story
Herbert F. Solow and Robert H. Justman

Therapeutic Immunology: More Life to Your Years, More Years to Your Life
Peter M. Stephan

Cult Heroes
Deyan Sudjic

Hollywood People
Douglas Thompson

The Psychology of Perception
M.D. Vernon

Golden Retrievers
James E. Walsh

Prescription for Murder – Harold Shipman
Brian Whittle and Jean Ritchie

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