Jul 152013

Take this ticket to romantic places …where there’s moonlight, and music …and love, and romance. Which are your favorite romantic reads? Which romantic novels do other readers recommend? Read on to find out what others think about romance and the novel…

All Time Best Romance Novels That You Must Read

Are you a diehard romantic who views the world through rose-tinted glasses? Then there is no better way for you to explore the world of passion and love than with written words – romance novels. Chivalry is hard to find with men today. Lost is the world where gallant men in shining armour used to be ever so ready to rescue a damsel in distress. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why women try to find their “prince charming” in the pages of historical romance. Nevertheless, it stands for some dispute why Mills and Boons are top sellers in the world of publishing. Compiled in this article are top best selling romantic books of all times that you must read. Continue reading »

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Jul 022013

How many of us have old books, ‘family heirlooms’ which we would love to know the value of? Or we spot a book in a shop, or online, and want to know whether or not it is worth buying. Old books from earlier than the 1970s don’t have bar codes or ISBNs after all, so they aren’t that easy to run a price check.

Here are some tips for valuing books which we have gathered together from independent sources around the world.

How To Determine The Proper Antique Books Prices

There are actual three factors that determine price condition, scarcity, and demand. Age really doesn’t have a lot to do with an antique books price. A first edition book published in the 1900’s may in fact demand a lot more money than an ordinary book a few centuries old. Book dealers don’t really see a book from the 1800’s as old.

Another factor is an old Sears catalog can be very attractive. Many of the old books that are out there just aren’t that attractive and one of the things people are looking for is books that look good on their shelves. Therefore an attractive book is more sellable and often demands a greater price then one that isn’t.

One of the main factors that affects the value of a book is its condition. A book having its original jacket is included in its condition. Sometimes, the jacket is even valued more than the book itself. You should also realize that books with some of the pages missing are most often worthless no matter what.

A books price mostly is a reflection of how much in demand it is, its attractiveness, its significance and its rarity. So what ultimately sets an antique book value, rarity or demand? Sometimes that depends on how patient the vendor is.

Because book prices are in constant flux there is no universal price list. As a result each seller ends up determining the price they want to get for their books. You also might like to know that the selling price for Antique books is often negotiable, therefore it never hurts to offer a lower price; you may be surprised at the response! Continue reading »

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Jun 272013

Out Of Print Books can be hard to find books, and our stock is finite here at Online Rare Books. We do know where to source old and rare books from though, and can usually track one down for you. If you want to make the effort yourself, it is a good idea to add the book title or subject into the Search Books box just below here to the right, then click the Go button.

We have researched some other web users’ ideas you may want to try…

Out Of Print Books

A book that is out of print is not necessarily a rare or valuable book. The factors that determine its value are the total number of books printed, the surviving copies and the cultural importance of the book as well as the demand for the book An out of print book may also result from a publisher’s intentional limitation in print run size.. If the print run for the book is only 2,000, the book will likely prove to be quite valuable and rare assuming that there is sufficient demand for those 2,000 copies. Current fiction bestsellers that have been abundantly printed in millions of copies will not command a high price. The general economic principle of demand and supply is the ultimate deciding factor for how much an out of print book is worth. Continue reading »

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Jun 242013

What is an antique book – or an antiquarian book? How ‘old’ does a rare old book have to be to be valuable? How do you know if an antique book you buy has value or not, or is worth the price being charged?

We have researched these questions so that you don’t have to – and the answers all come from independent sources.

Tips For Buying Antique Books

Well one of the first things you need to learn is the difference between old books and antique books. That’s because not every old book is worth some money. Now they may be worth something to you because of who they came from or they’ve been in the family for years, but other people won’t pay anything for them. That’s the difference. In fact there are lots of books that were published around 1900 or before that aren’t worth anything. At the same time there are books, even paperbacks from the 60s or even the 70s, that are worth a couple hundred bucks each. So an old book is just that and an antique book is an old book that people want to collect and people are willing to pay money for. Knowing which is which is extremely important. Continue reading »

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Mar 102011

The news that an unpublished Enid Blyton novel has recently been discovered has reminded me of the huge range of this author’s work. There are many rare and collectible books by Enid Blyton and for collectors there is an unusually wide range of associated material which never appeared between the covers of her well-known works.

Magazines and children’s comics are a good place to look for the lesser-known Blyton stories. Some of them are more obvious – Enid Blyton’s Magazine, for example, which was launched in 1953 and ran until 1959. Some of her stories appeared for the very first time in this magazine. For example, the first chapter of Five Go Down to the Sea was first published in the opening issue. You would be lucky to find a copy, and it should be treasured if you do.

Before launching her own magazine, Enid Blyton spent twenty-six years editing (and entirely writing) Sunny Stories for Little Folks magazine. Any copies of this are highly prized, even though a huge amount of the weekly magazine was published between 1926 and 1952. Incidentally, if you are looking for a full set you would only need to obtain fortnightly issues during much of the 1940s, due to the paper shortage!

Going back still further, you may be lucky enough to stumble across some of Enid Blyton’s poetry, first published in Nash’s magazine during the First World War. An ‘unknown’ such as her will be well-hidden, however, so look well beyond the list of contributors at the front. Another series of publications worth looking out for would be Teacher’s World, for which Enid Blyton wrote a weekly letter and a great deal more from the early 1920s. Prolific though she was, you will find that several of her books incorporated material which first appeared between the covers of Teacher’s World.

As for rare and collectible books from the pen of Enid Blyton, there are few scarcer than the booklet Child Whispers, which was published in 1922 by J. Saville. This 24-page book of poetry with a striking orange cover was quite delicate even when new, and good examples are extremely scarce. A first edition of Enid Blyton’s first book in good condition? The very definition of a hard-to-find book, but one of the mission statements of Online Rare Books is to track down collectible books such as these.

We can look out for this, or any other book for you, either as a specific book search or to add your details to our Books Wanted list. Contact us here with your details.

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Mar 022011

Exeter stew anyone? Or a nice Vegetarian Duck?

You can go way back beyond the now traditional ‘exotic’ spaghetti bolognese or ratatouille and delve into some fascinating cookery books of the past.  The books probably won’t cost much, and neither will the food.

Cookery books before the 1920s are quite scarce, mainly because very few were published. Look for the ones published between the Twenties and Fifties however, and they can be the source of interesting social history as well as some (possibly!) interesting recipes.

Don’t eat this one though:
1 1lb soft soap; 1 lb Calais sand; 1 1b whiting; 1 quart of water, to boil it all up for 1 hour.

You could try it for scouring your scummy pans, perhaps.

Books still readily available to look out for include:

The Ministry of Food’s ABC of Cookery (1945)
Elizabeth Craig’s Electric Cookery (1938)
Granny’s Yorkshire Recipes (1934).

Who could resist that?

Vegetarians may wish to snap up Good Food Without Meat (also published as Dishes without Meat) by Ambrose Heath (1940). There may be some disappointment though, as the lack of meat in the recipes is due to its scarcity in war-time rather than any true vegetarian motivation.

That recipe for Vegetarian Duck I mentioned earlier? Some ducks may be vegetarian, but this dish is not quite what it seems. Forget the duck. You will need some lentils and breadcrumbs for this one. Simply form the mixture into a duck shape then bake for 45 minutes. Try it with some home-made tomato sauce, and maybe some quackers.

A rare bird in a rare book online!

We can look out for the books mentioned above or any other book for you, either as a specific book search or to add your details to our Books Wanted list. Contact us here with your details.

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Feb 242011

Here is an Online Rare Books guide to Rugby Union Books

The current Rugby World Cup is arousing new interest in the old game. and it won’t surprise you to know that books on Rugby Union have been around nearly as long as the game itself. Here is a selection of titles to look out for:

  • Football – The Rugby Union Game, edited by Francis Marshall; published by Cassell, 1892 and later.
  • Football – The Rugby Union Game (yes, the same title, but a different book), by Marriott; published by Routledge, 1903.
  • The Complete Rugby Footballer, by Gallagher & Stead; published by Methuen, 1906.
  • The Springboks: History of the Tour 1906-07, by Piggot; published by Cricket Press (yes, that’s right), 1907.
  • The Modern Rugby Game, and How To Play It, by Nicholls; published by Health and Strength, 1906.
  • With the British Team to Maoriland, by Barr; published by Otago Daily Times, 1908.
  • The Rugby Football Internationals Rolls of Honour, by Sewell; published by Jack, 1919.
  • Rugby Football, by Gent; published by British Sports Library, 1922.
  • The Story of Scottish Rugby, by Phillips; published by Foulis, 1925.
  • Rugby Reminiscences, by Harding; published by Pilot Press, 1929.
  • With the British Team in New Zealand, by Alley; published by Simpson & Williams, 1930.
  • The History of South African Rugby Football, by Difford; published by Specialty Press, 1933.
  • History of New Zealand Rugby Football, by Swan; published by Reed, 1948.
  • History of the Rugby Football Union, by Owen; published by Playfair, 1955.
  • Rugger – My Life, by B. Williams; published by Stanley Paul, 1956.
  • The Great Fight of the French XV, by Lalanne; published by Read, 1960.
  • The Rise of French Rugby, by Potter and Duthen; published by  Bailey & Swinfen, 1961.
  • Willie Away, by McLean; published by Jenkins, 1964.
  • Centenary History of the Rugby Football Union, by Titley & McWhirter, 1970.
  • History of Welsh International Rugby, by Billot; published by Ron Jones, 1970.
  • The Men in Green, by Diffley; published by Pelham, 1973.
  • 100 Years of Irish Rugby, by Esbeck; published by Gill & Macmillan, 1974.
  • The World of Rugby, by Reason and James; published by BBC, 1979.
  • Fields of Praise, by Smith and Williams; published by University of Wales, 1980.
  • The History of Scottish Rugby, by Thorburn; published by Johnston and Bacon, 1980.
  • 100 Years of All Black Rugby, by Chester and McMillan; published by Blandford, 1984.
  • Australian Rugby Union, by Pollard; published by A.B.C., 1984.
  • 1905 and all that, by Gareth Williams; published by Gomer, 1991.
  • Official Book of the Rugby World Cup, edited by Robertson; published by Stanley Paul, 1991.
  • Forerunners of the All Blacks, by Ryan; published by Canterbury University, 1993.

We can look out for these or any other books for you, either as a specific book search or to add your details to our Books Wanted list. Contact us here.

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Dec 172010
  • The Making of Doctor Who (1972)
  • Radio Times Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Special (1973)
  • A Day With A TV Producer (1980)
  • The Doctor Who Programme Guide (1981)
  • Doctor Who: The Making of A Television Series (1982)
  • The Doctor Who Technical Manual (1983)
  • Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text (1983)
  • Doctor Who: The Developing Art (1983)
  • Radio Times Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Special (1983)
  • Doctor Who: A Celebration (1983)
  • Doctor Who: The Key To Time (1984)
  • The Doctor Who Pattern Book (1984)
  • Doctor Who: The Tardis Inside Out (1985)
  • The Doctor Who Cookbook (1985)
  • The Doctor Who Illustrated A-Z (1985)
  • Timeview: The Complete Doctor Who Illustrations of Frank Bellamy (1985)
  • Doctor Who: The Early Years (1986)
  • Doctor Who: Travel Without The Tardis (1986)
  • The Doctor Who File (1986)
  • Doctor Who: The Companions (1986)
  • Doctor Who: Special Effects (1986)
  • Doctor Who: The Time Travellers’ Guide (1987)
  • Encyclopedia of The Worlds of Doctor Who (1987, and on)
  • Doctor Who: 25 Glorious Years (1988)
  • Doctor Who: Cybermen (1988)
  • The Official Doctor Who and The Daleks Book (1989)
  • Doctor Who Yearbook (1991 & on)
  • Doctor Who: The Terrestrial Index (1991)
  • Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Chronicles (1991)
  • Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Handbook (1992)
  • Doctor Who: The Monsters (1992)
  • Doctor Who: The Universal Data Bank (1992)
  • Doctor Who: The Sixties (1992)
  • Doctor Who: The Sixth Doctor Handbook (1993)
  • Doctor Who: Timeframe – The Illustrated History (1993)

We can look out for these or any other books for you, either as a specific book search or to add your details to our Books Wanted list. Contact us here with details of your requirements.

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Dec 132010

Hard to believe for anyone who can remember December 8th 1980, but the posthumous career of John Lennon is now much longer than his entire recording life. In the last thirty years his estate has earned far more than during that tragically short 18-year recording career ($44 million this year alone, before the recent iTunes deal).

A less remembered part of his life was his literary career, which would probably have flourished with the maturity of middle age.

If you are lucky enough to own, or to find, a copy of In His Own Write (1964) or A Spaniard in the Works (1965) you would be well advised to hold onto them, as even today an excellent example of a true first edition could well be valued into three figures, and that will only appreciate. Unfortunately truly excellent examples are quite hard to find, as they are prone to a weak binding – but it is always worth keeping an eye out for one.  Online Rare Books can track down a suitable copy if you have the desire to add one to your collection.

Although it goes without saying that a book’s true value is held within its pages, it is always worth remembering that many books will rise in value with age, purely by virtue of ever increasing scarcity – but condition is key, so look after them and they will reward you one day.

To take a look at our current stock of Beatles and other books Click Here.

Online Rare Books, December 2010

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Dec 032010

The bells of waiting Advent ring…

(John Betjeman, ‘Christmas’)

Snow chaos in Britain for the poor commuter and bus driver, yet winter’s arrival here in Wolvercote village has brought forth early Christmas bonhomie and the inevitable Advent calendar.

Online Rare Books have one for you too – but unlike the ones masquerading as a chocolate box, ours is full of goodness, or perhaps darkness in some instances.

For every day until Christmas you will find an Advent ‘window’ to open, containing some seasonal ghost stories for Christmas.

You can find these waiting to be opened on our seasonal site – but prepare to be scared!

Enjoy them and make your comments on the site if you wish.

Compliments of the Season from Online Rare Books

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Nov 302010

Have you found any books lying around lately? On a park bench, perhaps? Or on a train? In a cafe or in a pub? Chances are that they are ‘random’ leavings, left behind on purpose in the wake of the new phenomenon ‘book leaving’.  The concept is the simplest form of recycling much favoured by Online Rare Books.

My daughter brought in a book last week that she found on top of one of those BT junction boxes full of wiring at the end of our road. I thought at first that the BT engineer had been reading on the job and left it behind by mistake – then I looked inside and saw the slip of paper –

“I have lost this book on purpose. If you have found it, please read it, then lose it again! Put it down on a park bench, leave it on a train or a bus, lose it in your school, in your favourite pub, or in the nearest telephone-box. Any place will do, where somebody is likely to find it.
If you get the hang of it, feel free to join in by losing one of your own books after placing this text in it. Tell your friends about it!

” ‘Lose a book!’ is a good opportunity to recommend your favourite books to others, and a good occasion to talk about books.  If you have found a book that you don’t intend to read, we ask you not to break the chain of the game: lose the book somewhere else again”.

To monitor the path of the lost books you can enter on a website which book you have found, where and when, the ‘loser’ can identify it, and you can then give the time and place of losing it again.

We will be trialling this soon at Online Rare Books as we think it’s a great idea and gives a new lease of life to books which may otherwise end up being pulped or chucked in a skip!

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Nov 182010

It may seem strange that such a British institution as the pantomime owes its origins – or at least its name – to the Roman era, but it is true that the Latin pantomimus (the one who plays every role) led to the term.  In some ways the later Italian commedia dell’arte developed it further, with the introduction of stock characters such as the Harlequin and Scaramouche, who made fleeting appearances in England.

However it wasn’t until Louis XIV expelled the fairground entertainers from France that these characters and the French Pantaloon and Pierrot became familiar to English theatre-goers.

John Weaver laid claim to the first pantomime at the Drury Lane Theatre in 1702, and he introduced the word into the English theatre.  But it was Joseph Grimaldi who turned the pantomime into the farcical entertainment we know today, and they later became more and more extravagant  during Victorian times, increasingly the realm of musical hall ‘artistes’.  The storylines also changed from the more dramatic classical plots to fairy tales and nursery rhymes, and Cinderella, Dick Whittington and Babes in the Wood evolved from the 1860s.

Online Rare Books recommendations to look out for on the subject of pantomime, include Pantomime – A Story in Pictures; Oh Yes It Is!; Harlequin; Pillars of Drury Lane; King Panto, and biographies of Grimaldi (Click Here for the scarcest edition), Dan Leno, Danny LaRue – and, if you are lucky enough to get hold of an original copy, The History of the Mimes and Pantomimes by John Weaver (Stop Press! This is now available as a paperback)!

All books mentioned can be sourced through Online Rare Books, or click on the book titles to view current availability.

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Nov 152010

This web site is all about rare books, which you can buy online right here.  A rare book is a book which is no longer in print, and as the years have passed there are fewer and fewer copies available.

Some books may have had short print-runs, and have been scarce even when new. Some books may have been printed in many different editions over the years, and recent reprints may lack the quality or ‘feel’ of the earlier editions.

Whatever the title, whatever the scarcity, Online Rare Books will do our best to locate a copy for you if it is not currently in stock.

To view our stock click on any of the categories shown at the top of the page.

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