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What is an antique book – or an antiquarian book? How ‘old’ does a rare old book have to be to be valuable? How do you know if an antique book you buy has value or not, or is worth the price being charged?

We have researched these questions so that you don’t have to – and the answers all come from independent sources.

Tips For Buying Antique Books

Well one of the first things you need to learn is the difference between old books and antique books. That’s because not every old book is worth some money. Now they may be worth something to you because of who they came from or they’ve been in the family for years, but other people won’t pay anything for them. That’s the difference. In fact there are lots of books that were published around 1900 or before that aren’t worth anything. At the same time there are books, even paperbacks from the 60s or even the 70s, that are worth a couple hundred bucks each. So an old book is just that and an antique book is an old book that people want to collect and people are willing to pay money for. Knowing which is which is extremely important. [Read more]

How To Determine The Proper Antique Books Prices

There are actual three factors that determine price: condition, scarcity, and demand. Age really doesn’t have a lot to do with an antique book’s price. A first edition book published in the 1900’s may in fact demand a lot more money than an ordinary book a few centuries old. Book dealers don’t really see a book from the 1800’s as old.

Another factor is an old Sears catalog can be very attractive. Many of the old books that are out there just aren’t that attractive and one of the things people are looking for is books that look good on their shelves. Therefore an attractive book is more sellable and often demands a greater price then one that isn’t.

One of the main factors that affects the value of a book is its condition. A book having its original jacket is included in its condition. Sometimes, the jacket is even valued more than the book itself. You should also realize that books with some of the pages missing are most often worthless no matter what.

A books price mostly is a reflection of how much in demand it is, its attractiveness, its significance and its rarity. So what ultimately sets an antique book value, rarity or demand? [Read more]

Essential Guidelines To Buying Antique Books

When considering purchasing an antique book, these are the crucial factors involved:
•Do your research well. This is one of the most, if not the most crucial factor. Without research, you are getting involved in something you have no knowledge about; this could have an impact later on. One of the things you may encounter is that a dealer may overcharge you for the price.

Demand for the book.

If you are considering buying the book for investment, you would need to check out first if there is a demand for the book to be resold for profit. A beautiful antique book which is rare that nobody wants, would be of no use for an investment purpose. [Read more]

Buying Rare Books: Condition & Value : How To Grade The Cover Of A Rare Book

An experienced book dealer and online seller explains how to grade the cover of a rare book in this free series of book collecting videos.

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