Welcome to Online Rare Books!

You can find books here by clicking on the tabs above which show the general categories of books in stock, then clicking on a book’s title. Or, if you prefer to browse as if in Ye Olde Booke Shoppe just hit the Browse button at the top of the page.

Alternatively you can Search this Site (top right-hand column) by entering whatever keyword or phrase you are interested in. You are likely to stumble across unexpected joys in our treasure trove of forgotten books! You can also search for a particular book’s title, author’s name or ISBN number.

Happy hunting!

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  2 Responses to “Welcome to Online Rare Books”

  1. The description was precise and wise (this was a title with many editions, and other on-line dealers have been very careless about what they were selling). The book was carefully wrapped, and it arrived very quickly. Friendly and helpful emails. On Line Rare Books reminds me of entering a bookshop in which the person selecting the books has considered each one carefully, and where that knowledge is freely shared.
    Yours truly,

    • Thank you for taking the time to make this comment. I am so pleased that you have equated this site with entering a bookshop because that is exactly what I had in mind when I set up the site, and I have one particular Aladdin’s Cave of a bookshop in mind every time I add a book to these virtual shelves. I like to see myself as a guardian of these books, placing each one on a shelf with care awaiting someone coming along to browse and take the book for a new life on a new shelf! Perhaps I am just sentimental, but at Online Rare Books a book isn’t just an inanimate object – it has a history, and a place in someone’s treasured possessions somewhere around the world!

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